The Latin American and Hispanic school offers language and literature as well as history and cultural lessons in Spanish for children and teens with Latin American and/ or Hispanic heritage. Although the aim is for the children to develop their Spanish skills, we do take their distinct levels of Spanish into account to make sure language does not become a barrier. 

Who is it for? 

We are currently offering lessons for children aged 8-11 with Latin American/Hispanic heritage. It is not required for the child to be fluent in Spanish however it is recommended that they have a basic level of comprehension. This is because the classes will be running in Spanish, however as mentioned above the distinct levels of Spanish are taken into account while planning the lessons.

Where and what time? 

Classes are happening online from 10:30 am – 11:15 am (GMT)! Anyone from anywhere in the world can join 🙂

How much are the classes and how can I pay? 

The first class will be free of charge, each class after that has a suggested donation of £5 which can be paid on a monthly basis either in cash or through a bank transfer. If for whatever reason you are unable to pay this amount please get into contact with us to find a solution. We do not want any kids missing out on the opportunity to join because of finances.