Johan Bruus

I donated because I believe in Geofrey and his goal, to make a self-sufficient school where the kids can get a good education and recieve more opportunities in life. Geofrey …

Thompson Vitor

I donated because I believe how education can powerfully change the social reality of young people. Investment in education, especially at an early age, has a high potential for return. …

Dora Nabatanzi

I donated because I believe that access to quality education should be all and this project strives for this, It is indeed a great project. I wish you all the …

Lucky Khoza

We need more initiatives like this because they empower our youth to rise beyond the challenges they face. Thank you for your great work!

Andrej Antunovic

I believe that access to education during the pandemic should be equal for all, without any prejudice or excuses.

Michael Paredes

This campaign is already making a difference and achieving their goal. They deserve all the help, and huge shout out to the team for their amazing work!